Bayou City Signs New Deal!

The Bayou City Outlaw Band just signed onto be represented by M7 Agency!

Gearing up for what looks to be a BIG 2019, Bayou City signed with M7 Agency to push it over the top! Keep a look out for dates to be posted soon, please feel free the send a shout out and request us in your area and we’ll do our best to get out and jam with you all ASAP!

Check out our artist profile on the M7 Agency site:

About M7 Agency:

“M7 Agency was born from a history rooted in every aspect of the music business. The company is built by music business professionals who worked their way from the ground up, but more importantly, the company is comprised of genuine fans of music.

M7 is not a 9 to 5 agency. Our agents don’t just take care of bands between certain hours. We pride ourselves on choosing quality bands and ensuring that we are available to them at any time for any situation. We focus on individualized attention to the bands’ specific needs while maintaining a realistic and goal-oriented timeline to help our artists grow. Our goal is to take the perception of what a booking agent is and change it into what we think a booking agent should be – loyal, compassionate, hard-working, dedicated and in love with music.

M7 Agency – This just got personal.”

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